“Jazz musicians come from all backgrounds, and Perry Joslin is an interesting case. The fortysomething pianist, after dabbling in fusion in the early 1980s, put on a suit and entered the business world. After crunching numbers as a broker, he began a stint at KPMG, the accounting and consulting firm, and within three years was picking colors for a corner office as partner and managing director for the state of Florida . . . ”

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Jazztime review

Feature Story: Purely Perry

By Michele D. Omenson
January 3, 2005

Purely Perry – Local business executive-turned professional musician finds his key to happiness at, well, the keyboard

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Purely Perry feature story

Perry Joslin:
Jazz Composer, Pianist, and Corporate Executive releases his first CD with a flood of top jazz musicians behind him.

Boston, 5/18/2004
Source: New York Times

Along the road to corporate success, Perry Joslin always knew he was a musician. Partner/Managing Director for the State of Florida for KPMG LLP, the tax audit consulting firm in Miami . . .

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Raves & Reviews from CDBaby’s Listeners

Sounds Terrific

Perry, this sound terrific . . . wish we had more of this great music in school.
I enjoyed listening to all of the tracks.Author: Thea

Perry Joslin Has Changed My Mind . . .

For a person who doesn’t like jazz Perry Joslin has changed my mind. The way you play the piano and blend the other instruments in is fantastic!! You are now the one and only jazz cds I own please make more.

Author: Michelle Franck

Get it, you’ll love it!

I have a bit of a music background but of course not to the level of these muscians but enough to recognize the real thing when I hear it. This is outstanding and very enjoyable music.

There is something for everyone on this CD!

Author: Jerry Coleman

Great Purchase

When I heard the snippets I knew I had to own this CD. It’s very mello and as said before, the songs stay in your head. Looking forward to hearing Perry on ‘smooth jazz’ radio stations and in person. Get this—you won’t be disappointed.

Author: Michelle83

Great Story about Dreams, Great Music

Jazz is a live medium, and I’ve never really been taken by listening to recordings by jazz musicians.

Perry Joslin Project has been in my CD player for a week now and I find the music to be very soothing and exciting at the same time. It provides a depth that you can sit an listen to for hours and yet is simplistic enough that it can be background music as you prepare supper (or write a review).

Author: rockies73

Indigo Falls

Loved Indidgo Falls . . . as the mother who lost a son to a tragedy I could really relate. I have the cd and find Perry to be a unique individual who is truly eccentric. I would love to hear him play in person as well as meet with his inspiration. A nice addition to my library. And I am a cracker.

Author: Laurie Lauter

Enjoyed It Thoroughly

I am not much of a critic but this was very enjoyable. PJ, you still sound great. Truly an inspiration and will make it part of my CD library. Simply put, it rocks.

Author: Eric Fischer “Fish”

Excellent Progressive Instrumental Jazz

Outstanding musicians, inventive compositions, nice variety of tempos, mood and tone. The songs stay with me. I never tire of them. The Perry Joslin Project is an excellent first CD. I’m looking forward to many more!

Author: Tom Pankey

Great CD

A very fine cd. Good compositions with great playing from all the musicians. If you are into contemporary jazz you have to check it out.

Author: Harry Spelt